Why brand storytelling matters to your content marketing

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“Tell me and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in the heart forever” – Ancient proverb

We all remember stories that we’ve been told – stories engage us, they make us feel part of them.
Stories are everywhere and in every culture. They’re a key part of what helps us to identify with each other and make sense of the world around us. Emotionally they grab us, they make us want to be part of something. As children, stories form a key part of how we learn to understand the people and the world around us, and also work out which communities that we want to engage with.

It’s no different as we grow older. Storytelling is as the heart of any good communication strategy and is a key part of how we learn to both connect with the people around us, and also to escape into someone else’s story when we want to relax or be inspired. The film industry is worth billions, and it’s all based on good stories. So too is marketing.

Our latest vlog includes some great examples of where brands have used stories in their marketing to not only encourage people to buy from them a single product, but to be supporters of their brand – a loyal customer who will return again, because they have identified with the underlying brand story.

Effective Brand Storytelling

Virgin have a great brand story, and they use it well. They know that they “would be nothing without their story”. It’s the story of the entrepreneur that never gave up, and whose success inspires many other businesses on the planet today. Because of the strength of Virgin’s core brand story, they can use their brand for any area – they started in music, but have spread to communications, fitness, health, money, travel and many others. They also know that their customer’s stories can be a powerful tool in their marketing kit.

It’s the power of stories that can change someone from a passive by-stander to a participant and there are many reasons why stories are seen as a powerful tool by many for: marketing, campaigning, engaging and growing awareness and audience.
We’re all storytellers, whether we realise it or not.

To find out more about how embracing and communicating your brand story can help to grow your audience, speak to a member of our team today.

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