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There is no question that mobile marketing is massive. And as technology improves, user behaviour develops.

Whilst the evolution of mobile promises exciting newways for end-users to interact with
online content, the revolution presents a challenge for digital marketers.

Consumer demands dictate the direction technology companies develop their products, and service providers are working hard to deliver networks that enable devices to perform the way they are designed to.

A report produced by Ericsson provides an industry insight into the direction technology will go in 2016. All being well, mobile devices will become faster and more powerful.

With these developments in mind, together with already emerging mobile trends, online marketers should concentrate their mobile marketing efforts on user-behaviour that could boost your business.

Mobile video ads

The number of videos viewed by mobile users grew by 126.7% last year. As more companies invest in video marketing, this trend is likely to continue to grow at an exponential rate.

Little wonder really. Videos are the easiest type of content to digest on mobile phones. They require little mental effort and, when done well, create an emotional response that leaves a lasting impression.

With the number of social networks providing platforms that host video, motion picture promotions are the mobile users preferred choice of consuming content.

Short video ads

For small businesses, the cost of producing a full-length video ad can stretch a tight marketing budget.

But not all video ads have to be full scale promotions. Short video ads burst on the scene in 2015 and will continue trending with mobile users. Quick and convenient, they are easy to watch and can make a real impact.

There are four types of short video ads that are trending right now:

  • Facebook Carousel ads
  • 5-second video ads on Vessel
  • Cinematic Pins on Pinterest
  • Google’s local inventory ads

Mobile users have short attention spans, and short video ads can make evoke emotion before they get bored. Include this trending marketing ploy as part of your online strategy and you have a piece of the purchasing path that can lead to increased conversions.

One-click buy button

On the subject of purchasing paths, the one-click buy button has been a revelation for mobile users.

Consumers buy on impulse and online retailers can take advantage of one-click purchasing, particularly within the mobile marketing sphere.

A spate of social networks introduced convenience as a prompt to purchase and it is only a matter of time before every B2C business has installed a buy button. Get in there before your rivals do.

Location based video ads

Examples of successful location based ads are catching the eye. Now brands have the ability to target consumers based on their location, serving contextual ads can lure the bear to the honey.

It is no secret that consumers use their mobile phones to compare price and products of rivals whilst they are in your store. And with powerful GPS technology, businesses can take advantage of hyperlocal targeting to attract higher levels of engagement.

Some examples of hyperlocal targeting are:

  • Geo-fencing – send ads to consumers within a set distance of your store
  • Geo-awareness – send targeted ads to your customers
  • Geo-location – pinpoints the location of your store by giving directions to consumers from their current location
  • Geo-conquest – Tempt users to your store when they are located near one of your competitors

 Vertical screen viewing

It was not so long ago that vertical video was viewed with disdain. It was labelled amateurish within the video community.

But those viewers have proven the doubters wrong again and video makers are changing their mind set.

The number of vertical videos being viewed may still be less than traditional widescreen videos, but this growing trend among viewers gives online firms something to reconsider as part of their mobile marketing strategy.

This is certainly a trend that could provide brands with unique and engaging content and is a trend that could well grow over the coming years.

Mobile apps will grow in importance

Mobile apps were in danger of fading away a couple of years ago. The lack of interest shown by mobile users over the long-term practically threatened to cause apps a quick and sudden death.

Developers have since discovered new ways of making mobile apps more engaging, and as apps become a lifestyle choice rather than a novelty, marketers can take advantage of native marketing within apps.

Brands have clocked on to the idea that customizable apps give their customers options that suit them, thus giving consumers more incentive to use apps on a regular basis rather than sporadically.

And with the ability to capture user-behaviour, mobile apps enable marketers to get smarter about personalisation.

Mobile marketing gives online businesses more potential to reach their audience than ever before. Keep an eye on consumer trends and emerging behaviours and it will fuel your content marketing ideas.

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