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Businesses with blogs generate 67% more leads than businesses that don’t. It’s often a project that gets put off until either the CEO can get to it or a few employees that enjoy the idea of blogging can produce a few articles. But that’s a real shame because blogging has given us all a platform and given brands so much potential.

In many ways, I enjoy the accessibility of it all. A CEO can communicate directly with customers and vice versa. Brands can establish themselves as thought leaders and bring expert opinions to the table. Among other avenues brands can use to reach their customers, blogging builds rapport, establishes a firm standpoint, and shows customers the direction brands want to go in.

So why hire a professional blog writer if you can do it yourself?

Businesses across the globe are waking up to the fact that blogging is a great way to generate leads, build branding and establish credibility. Time, however, is in short supply. Often, businesses fall into the trap of hiring cheap freelancers on cheap sites, who flood the internet with rubbish, mediocre content that doesn’t help your customers, doesn’t represent your brand well and doesn’t make anybody happy.

Professional Blog Writing is an Art Form

Like any other creative endeavour, it takes time and effort to learn how to write blog articles well. Expertise in your subject is only one ingredient; much more is required to make that expertise shine in the form of the written word. Effective blog articles require an understanding of your brand, audience, psychology, SEO and trends. The writing needs to exude flair, have just the right amount of depth, be accurate, and break down complex ideas into simple terms without ‘dumbing down the topic. Then there are headlines to think about, incorporating storytelling, writing persuasive copy; the list can be endless.

Professional blog writers understand this better than anyone. Like a master craftsperson, they don’t rest until they’ve produced quality, compelling content. Blogging takes time and resources, but professional blog writers know that the extra effort gives your content the depth and flair needed to stand out.

You might have suspected the above, but if you’re still not entirely sold on the idea, here are seven things to consider.

1. We Understand the Business Potential of Blogging

Brand building is an integral part of what professional blogging is about, and blogs can form a vital part of your sales funnel as they make customers aware of who you are and your expertise. Experienced bloggers know how to get the balance right so that your content builds trust in both your brand and the services you offer.

Your blog becomes a brand builder and a lead generation gateway that positively impacts your business. Professional blog writers do this seamlessly without crossing the line into unethical manipulation. A professional writer will keep things exciting and innovative whilst ensuring your content delivers positive results to your bottom line.

2. We’re Strategy Advisors

Not all topics are suitable topics for your blog. A professional blog writer will help you develop an effective strategy and identify what topics will suit the customers and your expertise and services.

Your blog is there to give people what they are looking for. That’s not to say that people always know what they’re looking for, but a professional blog writer will help you get the balance right between your interests and what information people need. That’s a huge part of SEO; a professional blog writer will help you frame your content correctly to appeal to what people are looking for and take care of their needs.

Professional blog writers also help you figure out which topics will make you stand out and portray your brand as a powerful, trustworthy ally that customers can align themselves with.

Google have a blog. This blog, known affectionately as The Keyword, discusses product updates, general news, and other tech-related topics. This blog has been carefully built to showcase how people worldwide use Google services and products to make the world a better place.

It’s a ‘soft sell’ meaning that the articles give customers a warm, fuzzy feeling about Google products. The blog moves customers further down the funnel and closer to that goal of purchasing something later on down the line.

Professional blog writers piece topics together like a puzzle, putting the correct articles together to form a beautiful picture at the end. This isn’t a service you’ll get if you go for cheap freelancers. There’s no relationship there; they’re looking to get your work off their desk as quickly as possible and don’t have the time or specialist expertise to consider your overall strategy.

3. We don’t play guessing games

To follow on from the above, professional blog writers like to make informed decisions: keywords, trends, data, customer needs, and all their pain points. Professional blog writers collate all of this information before they even start putting words on a page. Research is key to ensuring that you get the most out of the resources you decide to commit to your business blog.

We do that by producing goal-orientated content and designed to get you the results you need.

We’ll look at your SEO competitors and see what content they’re producing and how successful it is. In addition, we’ll analyse what keywords they are ranking well for to help guide your content strategy. We’ll look at what questions your target audience are asking, and we’ll present your product and business in a way that answers those questions. In short, we take the guesswork out of it and focus on producing blog articles that move your marketing strategy forward.

4. You Can Get on a Content Schedule

When it comes to blogging, consistency is vital. Part of trust-building is knowing what you’re going to get. Imagine if newspaper publishers only published the morning paper now and then, or whenever they felt like it. It just doesn’t feel right. The idea that there aren’t daily news updates seems alien to our schedules.

Blogging is much the same. You don’t need to be publishing every day; it can be once a fortnight if you wish. A professional blog writer will make sure that the frequency you decide is something that gets adhered to.

Having a schedule can alleviate the stress of last-minute panic blogging. Articles are planned further in advance, and the blog moves along more smoothly because topics, keywords and publishing dates are planned. No more feeling bad because it’s been a whole year, and nothing has gone up on the blog.

5. We Bring Cohesion to Your Brand Voice

Speaking of brand, the long-form nature of blogging allows you to showcase the voice you’ve crafted. Whether it’s more formal or less, the tone of a great business blog translates into all communications throughout the company. Suppose the idea of ‘brand voice’ is something that hasn’t even occurred to you yet. In that case, a professional blog writer can help you hone and define what your ‘brand voice’ is and get it embedded into your website, your social media channels and any other communications you are sending out. A defined and consistent brand voice brings a seamless cohesion that gives your brand a polished feel to customers.

One brand that does this well is Lucy Bee. They started out selling jars of coconut oil and have since diversified into other food and cosmetics products. When you look at the website and then move through all of their social media channels, you’ll find that everything flows together seamlessly.

The upbeat, friendly, down-to-earth tone is not only on the website but also on Instagram, where Lucy discusses her health journey with followers. It’s a similar situation on their Facebook page as well; everything ties together beautifully. So customers get that same essence in various places across the internet.

Excellent copywriting is an essential part of bringing that vision together.

6. We’re Ghostwriters and Brand Ambassadors

Ghostwriting is the professional blog writer’s version of the transformation technique actors use to get into character. We’ll ask you a million questions about your brand, the story, the values and the vision to fully immerse ourselves and transform our mindset into one that understands the customer.

When you decide to outsource your blog writing, the danger is that you outsource it to someone who doesn’t fully understand what you’re looking for. But hiring a ghostwriter isn’t as scary as you think it is. Professionals take the time to work with you so that the content we produce feels like it’s native to your brand vision.

We want the content to sound like it’s coming from you. We make sure we focus on all the things about your brand that are worth celebrating, and then it all goes up in lights for the world to see. That’s the depth of the relationship you get with a professional blog writer. We can take your expertise and explain it to your customers in a way that feels like you’ve done it yourself.

7. Ultimately-WE SAVE YOU TIME

A lot goes into the creating of an effective blog posting strategy. The likelihood is that you’re considering hiring a blog writer because there aren’t enough hours in the day. Customer personas, SEO, data analysis, strategy…that’s hours to develop and collate all of that information. All necessary activities to ensure that you communicate with your audience in the most engaging way. The issue, of course, is that many other things will be requiring your attention.

What might take you three months to do because you can only commit small amounts of time can be done by a professional in much less time. If you leave a professional blog writer to focus on this stuff, you can focus on doing the things that take your business to the next level. When you do, we’ll be there to back you up with excellent content that’ll keep your customers coming back for more.

So if you’re on the fence about taking that step and hiring a professional blog writer, know that a good blog writer is worth their weight in gold. They save you time, help build your brand and pave the way for you to continue having an excellent relationship with existing and future customers.

What’s there not to love about that?

If you’d like to find out more about how a professional blog writer can help you bring your content strategy to life, why not give us a shout!

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