Why I think you need a WordPress website

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Why I think you need a WordPress website

Whoever you are, whatever you do, I think you need a WordPress website. Why do I think this? In this article I aim to show you why this is my advice. I have come to this conclusion after working in the technology industry for over 13 years. I’ve seen what works, what doesn’t work, and what is best for the average user. Even if you are a “special case” my advice remains the same, and I’ll explain why below.

Why do you need a website?

If you run a business you need a website. Your web presence is your window to the world. It’s your shop window, it’s your customer interaction, in short, it IS you. The web has become the first source for shopping, for services, and for information. If you aren’t on the internet, then, for most people, you don’t exist. If you are on the internet you need to be relevant and searchable. You need a good website. According to a Netcraft survey in Jan 2018, there are over 1.8 billion websites on the internet, so you can be pretty sure your competition has one. Most of those websites recieve little to no traffic. With a little know how you can make sure your site is one that gets visitors, giving you an advantage. If you want to see just how big the internet is and how much usage it gets, these live stats will be an eye opener on the potential customer base you could be reaching. Pay particular attention to the over 5.5 billion Google searches run per day, that’s more than 63,000 searches PER SECOND!

What is WordPress?

In an internet age where “content is king” WordPress is a very versatile and robust Content Management System. A CMS is a piece of software that is used to create and manage digital content. It’s a website creation tool that is very easy for a non-techie end user to use. WordPress is very powerful and it doesn’t sacrifice any of it’s features for that ease of use. Its core functions are almost limitlessly customisable through the use of plugins and themes. It can also be customised by specialists who provide custom solutions using WordPress’ core strengths to build tailor made sites. WordPress has grown way beyond it’s initial blog days. It started out as a tool for blogging but now you can use it to create literally any type of site you need.

Why not choose a completely custom site?

Why not opt for a completely custome coded site? In short, WordPress provides: stability, proven performance and extendability.

WordPress is used by 30% of the websites on the internet. That’s a huge amount of live testing. You could get a company to write you a fully custom website but the result will have been tested by that company alone. If you then want to add any features to it you’ll have to go back to that company and pay them to do it. With a Worpress site, you have a choice of using one of the nearly 50,000 plugins available. And, you don’t necessarily have to go back to the site’s creators to install each update you make.

WordPress has been used by literally millions of people and has been continually developed and improved for 15 years. Simply put, a custom site cannot stack up in comparison when comparing the work put into it and the amount of testing of this CMS.

Why not another CMS?

WordPress has 59.4% of the CMS market share making it by far the most popular CMS. Its popularity and adoption means there is a wealth of choice available for styling and extending it yourself, or through hiring specialists. It is effectively the “Windows” of the CMS world. Sure, there are other options available, but using the market leader will give you the choice and support you need.

What if you need something not currently available to WordPress?

If you bought a custom site you have two options, to go back to the people who made it and pay them to add the feature, or, find another company willing to edit their code. With WordPress there are thousands of experienced developers available. You have a vast choice of who you want to get to do the work for you and the core code is the same for everyone so they won’t have to waste time reading through what was done and how it was done first.

But why do I need a CMS?

Any web professional will tell you that the key to keeping your site popular and relevant is by producing regular content. Content drives visits and raises your site authority. A CMS makes adding content to your site and sharing it via Social Media so simple that anyone can do it. If you can use a word processor you can use WordPress. Without a CMS you would have to code a custom new page or edit an existing one every time you wanted to add new content to the site. A CMS puts site editing in the hands of the end user. It’s faster and cheaper than having the work done for you by a third party. If you don’t have the time or skills to create regular content yourself, using a standardised CMS you can hire people to do it for you with ease.


In conclusion you need a website and WordPress is the best choice available to provide it. Getting a website puts you on the landscape. Getting a WordPress website means you are in control of your site, you can work on it yourself or easily find experienced people to work on it for you. With a WordPress install your website provider can hit the ground running, you can even install WordPress yourself in literally 5 minutes. This means you go from no website to a fully functional site in far less time than it takes to have a site coded from scratch. Any customisation of your site will be done using well known standard code and techniques. This means your site can be continually extended and improved with the same ease and speed as getting it in the first place. My advice? – If you want to be found and want to stay relevant, get a WordPress website, you wont regret it.

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