BIG Health & Fitness

Championing Fitness Accessibility for People with Disabilities.

The Challenge

BIG Health & Fitness is a social enterprise with a unique vision: to make health and fitness inclusive for all bodies. Its founder, Graham Waugh, lost over 31 stone in weight, transforming his personal journey into a mission to create safe, judgement-free spaces for individuals to enhance their fitness and health

However, despite its significant offerings, BIG Health & Fitness found itself struggling to connect with its audience. Their message was unclear, their website was underperforming, and they were apprehensive about leveraging social media due to potential trolling. They primarily relied on word of mouth, leaving them in dire need of effective brand awareness and lead-generation strategies to ensure their mission’s sustainability.

The Approach

Over a six-year partnership with BIG Health & Fitness, We Do Stories provided ongoing consultancy, strategy development, and communication support. We assisted them in transforming their brand into a successful social enterprise.

We offered consultancy on brand storytelling, advising how Graham could utilise his personal story to enhance brand awareness. In collaboration with Graham, we refined their brand message, bolstered his personal brand, and created strategies to generate leads and sales.

We revamped BIG Health & Fitness’s website, aligned its content with its updated messaging, and provided digital and media training to Graham and his team. This enabled them to play a proactive role in brand promotion through both traditional and digital channels.

An effective SEO strategy was devised and implemented, boosting BIG’s online presence through organic search. Additionally, we supported the BIG team with social media co-management, expanding their reach and engagement.

In line with their mission, we helped BIG Health, and Fitness launch targeted cross-channel campaigns.

The Results

Our strategic partnership with BIG Health & Fitness led to notable results. Website visits increased by an impressive 379%, and the brand enjoyed first-page keyword results for 1,432 keywords.

Graham’s inspiring story gained significant media traction, being featured by major news outlets including the BBC, Daily Mail, GBNews, The Mirror, Express, and The Guardian. Regular appearances on BBC Three Counties Radio further enhanced their reach.

Through Graham’s leadership and our strategic communications support, BIG Health & Fitness became a key player in the market, and Graham was able to acquire a gym equipped with specialist tools for people with disabilities. His mission to promote healthier, more active lifestyles has positively impacted countless lives.

“Joel and Anne are a superb team who always find the best way forward for us…they have changed the way we think about all aspects of our business. I would really recommend them for any business.”

Graham Waugh – Founder BIG Health & Fitness

If you’re facing similar challenges or simply want to take your brand’s storytelling to the next level, We Do Stories is here to help. Book a discovery meeting with us today and see how we can support you.

Even though Graham tragically passed away in 2022, his influence lives on in those he helped.

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