Shaping the future with inclusive oracy education.

The Challenge

Chatta, an innovative educational brand, specialises in a unique approach to learning, bolstering oracy, vocabulary, memory, and writing skills. Through their resources, software, and training, they provide schools with the tools necessary for students to become attentive listeners, confident speakers, and fearless writers.

However, despite their potent educational approach, Chatta faced significant hurdles. Growth was stagnant as they found it difficult to break through conventional education methods, and brand awareness was primarily confined to schools with personal ties. Additionally, they faced challenges generating the desired level of leads and sales.

The global COVID-19 lockdown amplified these issues. Traditional sales strategies involving school visits for direct demonstrations to teachers and students were no longer viable. A rapid digital pivot was necessary to enhance their online presence. 

Their existing digital footprint was underwhelming, with a lack of clear messaging and sales processes targeted at particular audiences like SEND or EYFS settings, insufficient traffic to their website, and a high bounce rate meant their digital presence wasn’t performing to the necessary level to take on the challenge they faced. The need to build stronger relationships with potential customers and amplify brand awareness while optimising their digital presence was paramount.

The Approach

In response to Chatta’s challenges, We Do Stories implemented an integrated campaign strategy. We built a potent communication strategy for Chatta, crafting clear and targeted messaging for their specific audience segments, including SEND and EYFS settings.

We Do Stories developed new messaging and a robust digital presence across Chatta’s website and social media channels, catering to their target audience. As Chatta’s strategic partner, we offered regular insights, consultation, and reports while delivering content production and channel management services.

Targeted integrated campaigns were designed to reach specific audiences, including SEND, EYFS, and parents. We created engaging lead magnets and automated customer journeys, simplifying their sales process. We also developed an effective SEO strategy that boosted visitors from key demographics and led to greater engagement with Chatta’s unique value proposition.

Part of our strategy was the effective use of social media advertising. Chatta had previously run social ads, but through our partnership, we were able to optimise their advertising strategy. 

By refining their ad content and targeting, we were able to reduce both cost per click and cost per conversion while increasing the overall effectiveness and reach of the ads. This strategy increased engagement with their key messages while generating vital leads.

Alongside this, our team co-managed their social media channels, ensuring consistent brand engagement and presence. We produced a rich content library that included written, graphic, and video materials. This content was distributed across their digital platforms, generating buzz around the brand.

One of the elements of our approach was hosting a round table event, streamed online, featuring prominent guests like Emma Hardy, Chair of the Oracy APPG and MP for Hull West and Hessle, as well as representatives from Local Education Authorities from across the UK. This round table event spotlighted Chatta’s unique value proposition and the impact of its work in the education sector.

Furthermore, we produced a series of case studies featuring teachers and families who had benefited directly from Chatta. These testimonials helped strengthen Chatta’s brand presence, provided social proof and demonstrated the tangible results of its unique educational approach.

The Results

Our integrated approach led to significant results that transformed Chatta’s digital presence and brand recognition. There was a considerable 218% increase in website users and a notable 43% reduction in bounce rate. Chatta’s visibility improved dramatically, with the brand ranking for more than 1000 keywords on Google’s search results – many in the top three and even more on the first page.

Our content strategy and production efforts for Chatta continue to yield results, with our content consistently being the most popular on their website month after month. 

Social media engagement surged, providing a consistent stream of leads throughout the pandemic.

Chatta transformed into a household name within the education sector and garnered industry accolades. Our partnership not only helped Chatta reach a wider audience but also positioned them as thought leaders in the educational field, enabling them to make a tangible difference in the lives of children and young people.

Upon winning an Edtech award, Chatta’s founder, Chris Williams, commended our partnership:

“I am very proud of the Chatta team and our marketing partners at We Do Stories. They have helped us reach a wider audience and supported our mission to use technology to make a difference in the lives of children and young people.”

To revolutionise your brand’s digital presence and create an integrated marketing campaign like Chatta’s, explore our Services. See how We Do Stories can amplify your brand’s story and create tangible results.

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