Charity PR & Digital Communications

Charity PR and Communications are key components in how non-profit organisations connect with their communities. It’s more than just sharing information; it’s about engaging hearts and minds, stirring emotions and sparking action through meaningful narratives.

We believe in crafting stories that authentically represent your mission and resonate with your audience, connecting with their values and aspirations.

Our integrated and holistic strategy aligns every aspect of your communication with the core of your cause, creating a message that speaks directly to the desires of your audience, inspiring involvement and fostering a sense of community.

Charity workers planting trees

Charity PR & Communications

Award-Winning Charity
Communications for Good Causes.

Charity PR is about giving organisations doing good their deserved recognition. Our team have led Sabre award-winning campaigns across continents, addressing crucial issues like poverty, genocide, climate change, healthcare and disability inclusion.

Our Charity PR services span fundraising, brand awareness, advocacy, and recruitment campaigns. This range reflects our team’s ability to craft messages that engage and drive action. We focus on creating impactful campaigns that place causes at the heart of the news agenda, aiming to inspire and create a real difference in the community.

Charity Digital PR & Marketing

Crafting Engaging Content
for Charitable Causes

Charity Digital PR focuses on enhancing your online presence through a blend of SEO, strategic social media engagement, and captivating content. This approach ensures your charity’s message is not only seen but also shared widely across digital platforms.

Our campaigns in Charity Digital PR have demonstrated remarkable success. By integrating Digital PR with traditional PR methods, we’ve helped charities significantly increase their fundraising efforts, attracting millions each month. This integrated strategy has also led to a surge in volunteer applications and an unprecedented increase in donations from a diverse range of donors, highlighting the effectiveness of our digital approach.

The essence of Charity Digital PR is to create a powerful online narrative that connects with audiences on a deeper level. Through targeted SEO practices, we ensure your charity ranks higher in search results, leading to greater visibility. On social media, we engage communities with meaningful content, fostering a sense of connection and commitment to your cause.

Our expertise in digital storytelling makes your charity’s voice heard and felt in the digital world.

Integrated Charity Campaigns

Unifying Your Message
for Maximum Impact

We excel in integrated charity campaigns, seamlessly blending communication channels to amplify your charity’s brand voice. Our expertise in creating synchronised campaigns unifying PR, Digital PR, and content marketing strategies ensures consistent and compelling messaging across all platforms.

Our approach to Integrated Charity Campaigns is not just about broadening reach; it’s about creating a harmonious narrative that resonates with every segment of your audience. By aligning your charity’s core values with our innovative communication strategies, we craft campaigns that capture attention, inspire action, and drive change.

Our extensive experience collaborating with charities, ranging from small local organisations to expansive international development charities, has yielded remarkable results. Through our campaigns, we’ve successfully raised half a million pounds in a single evening, influenced government policies, and gained coverage from major broadcasters, markedly improving the visibility and understanding of our clients’ causes. Trust us to craft an integrated campaign that highlights your unique story, ensuring it stands out and creates a lasting impact.

Why Choose We Do Stories?

We Do Stories has partnered with over 60 charities, showcasing our deep commitment and expertise in the sector. We’ve partnered with notable clients, including influential names like Leonard Cheshire and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Our portfolio is enriched with successful global campaigns, demonstrating our ability to craft messages that resonate worldwide.

By choosing us, you’re not getting a cold corporation only interested in profit; you’re gaining a caring partner with a proven track record of elevating charitable missions on a global stage. Let us bring your story to life and create an impact where it matters most.