Engineering PR and Digital Communication

At the cutting edge of innovation, engineering is reshaping our future every day. However, behind every engineering feat is a story that deserves to be shared. Our expertise in Engineering PR and Digital Communication is designed to illuminate these achievements, bringing groundbreaking ideas and engineering milestones to light.
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We are a seasoned team of communication specialists experienced in navigating the media and digital landscape to strategically position your stories where they will make the most impact.

Having previously worked with prestigious organisations like NASA and CERN as well as solar race teams, waste management and much more, we have demonstrated an unparalleled ability to simplify complex technical details into clear, engaging narratives.

As engineering professionals, you’re tasked with creating the unimaginable, solving the impossible, and innovating at a breathless pace. Our purpose? To ensure your target audience—whether peers, stakeholders, businesses or the global community—appreciates the full weight of your contributions.

Our engineering PR & digital services

Step into the spotlight with confidence as our Engineering PR & Digital Services masterfully craft the narrative of your technical triumphs. With a robust portfolio of offerings—from strategic media relations to growing your digital presence—we are dedicated to amplifying your engineering marvels. Our bespoke approach includes meticulously designed press releases, thought-leadership articles, and digital campaigns that capture the essence of your innovation. We don’t just speak to your audience; we engage them in a conversation that elevates your brand presence.

Media Relations

Our extensive media network is ready to amplify your voice, ensuring your advancements reach industry-specific and mainstream outlets for maximum exposure.

Press Office

As your Press Office, we strategically craft your public narrative, actively manage press relationships, and deftly handle inquiries to magnify your engineering breakthroughs.

Digital Presence

Amplify your online presence with our tailored approach, leveraging Digital PR, content, targeted SEO, social media and precise advertising to strategically enhance your online visibility.

Content Marketing

Storytelling and engineering go hand-in-hand with our content marketing strategies. It's not just about what you make; it’s about the stories you tell and the connections you forge.

Ethical commitment

We collaborate with a wide spectrum of engineering visionaries dedicated to leading the charge towards a sustainable and ethical future. While we’re passionate about promoting technological advances, our commitment to ethical practices resonates deeply with our values. We are proud to declare that we do not support the weapons industry, fossil fuel enterprises or work with brands we understand to engage in unethical practices.
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Partner With Us

In the vast expanse of information and data, let your story shine through. Partner with us for Engineering PR and Digital Communication that makes a difference. We advocate, we strategies, and above all, we strive to show the world the value in your work. Contact us today, and let’s engineer a brighter, well-informed future together.


Our services stand out due to our seasoned expertise in translating complex engineering feats into compelling narratives. Our portfolio demonstrates a history of partnering with high-profile organisations and delivering narratives that resonate across various platforms, ensuring that your innovations garner the attention they deserve.
Our extensive media network is tailored to your industry needs. You’ll benefit from our ability to secure meaningful exposure in both industry-specific and mainstream media, amplifying your message to the right audiences.
Of course, we pride ourselves on crafting stories that illuminate the intricacies of engineering work. We create content that captivates and educates, establishing a connection between your work and the audience.
Starting is simple. Contact us today to discuss your objectives and aspirations. We’ll explore how our bespoke services can best represent and promote your groundbreaking engineering achievements.

Our expertise extends beyond engineering PR to sectors like sustainability, technology, health and wellness, charity, and education. With a tailored approach to PR and digital communication, our skilled team excels at translating technical subjects into captivating discussions.

Yes, we cater to a diverse range of clients, from groundbreaking startups to established industry leaders. We believe every engineering vision deserves a voice, no matter the company size.