Health and Wellness PR & Communications

Health and Wellness communications focus on creating a harmonious balance between conveying essential information and inspiring positive lifestyle changes.

We specialise in weaving narratives that inform, engage, and empower individuals and communities. By blending innovative strategies with a deep understanding of the health and wellness sector, we ensure that each campaign we undertake resonates with its intended audience, making a lasting impact on both personal and community levels.

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Health PR and Digital Communications

Award-Winning Strategies
in Health Communications

Health PR is pivotal in an industry where trust and credibility are the cornerstones. We understand the nuances of healthcare communications, having successfully propelled brands into the limelight. Our team’s expertise has led to multi-Sabre Award-winning PR campaigns focused on healthcare in Africa, highlighting our ability to navigate diverse healthcare landscapes and create engaging stories that resonate with communities.

Our approach involves a thorough grasp of the health sector’s dynamic and detailed nature, working intimately with clients to ensure their brand voice emerges with authority. We tailor Health PR campaigns to increase public awareness and engagement, focusing on innovative strategies to connect with the audience effectively and delivering messages that are heard and acted upon.

Wellness PR and Digital Communications

Bridging Brands and Consumers
in the Wellness Arena

Revolutionising Wellness PR, we are at the helm of transforming how wellness brands communicate and engage with their audiences. We partner with businesses at the forefront of wellness technology, products and services, from start-ups to established leaders, helping consumers achieve their best selves.

Our team has secured national media coverage on TV, radio, and print for gym owners, personal trainers, and wellness professionals, demonstrating our proficiency in making wellness brands resonate with a broader audience.

The wellness sector demands transparency and the ability to back up claims. Our expertise shines here as we help brands develop their narratives and position them effectively in a crowded and savvy marketplace. Our experience extends to working with a diverse range of wellness brands, from personal trainers and osteopaths to cutting-edge wellness technology, mindfulness brands, and treatment centres, showcasing our ability to adapt and innovate in various aspects of wellness communications.

Digital PR and
Content Marketing

Through our expertise in digital PR and content marketing, we elevate our clients’ online presence, employing advanced strategies that set the standard in the field. This involves leveraging our strong digital networks to secure influential online stories and collaborating with key social media influencers, helping our clients’ messages resonate powerfully across digital platforms and significantly extend their reach.

Our focus on building trust and credibility is achieved through targeted media coverage and strategic social marketing campaigns, ensuring a robust digital footprint. Additionally, our previous content consistently ranks on page one for competitive health and wellness keywords, attracting thousands of visitors each month to our clients’ websites. This is a testament to our expertise in digital content strategy and SEO.

Why Choose We Do Stories?

At We Do Stories, our expertise in health and wellness communications is demonstrated through our award-winning campaigns and diverse experiences. We have collaborated with the NHS and partnered with organisations focused on rare diseases, fitness for people with disabilities and access to surgery, reflecting the depth and breadth of our experience in the health and wellness sector.

Our team’s ability to secure extensive national media coverage across television, radio, and print media ensures that our clients’ messages are conveyed effectively and reach a wide audience. This media mastery, combined with our experience in working with a range of health and wellness professionals, highlights our adaptability and commitment to providing tailored communication strategies that meet each client’s unique needs.

Building Trust and Credibility

In health and wellness communications, building trust is essential. We assist brands in developing their credibility through targeted media exposure, showcasing their expertise, and creating PR strategies that drive brand awareness. Our approach ensures our clients stand out in a competitive market, incorporating key Health PR and Wellness PR strategies to facilitate change and enhance brand visibility.